Zimmerman and Young lecture at Institute for the Humanities

Zimmerman to Lecture on Albert Kahn

Claire Zimmerman, Associate Professor of Architecture, will give a talk Friday, March 21 at the Institute for the Humanities titled, “The Labors of Albert Kahn”.

Detroit architect Albert Kahn has an outsized presence at the University of Michigan. His firm designed 14 of 19 buildings that comprise the core of central campus. He was also a major architect in Detroit, where the firm designed over 900 buildings. Most impressive of all, however, is the statistic that pertains to his international work.

Kahn is credited with the design and construction of over 520 factories built in the Soviet Union between 1929 and 1932. This talk considers the challenges of studying an architectural archive of immense size, and the work of an architect closely associated with twentieth-century industrialization.

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Young lectures on ‘Skirmishes with the MacroPhenomenal’

Jason Young, associate professor of architecture, will present a talk titled, “Skirmishes with the MacroPhenomenal,” to the Institute for the Humanities on Tuesday, March 25.

Young will discuss his approach to American urbanism stemming from the recognition that the terms “urbanism” and “city” are often conflated in a manner that is no longer consistent with contemporary forms of urbanism, nor city. New strategies for urban research are necessary to promote explicit understandings of the suburban landscape that have the capacity to change the terms of our collective engagement and participation.

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