Section Cut interviews McCullough

Section Cut, a new website for design students, emerging practitioners and design educators, recently produced its second “Giants!” interview featuring Professor of Architecture Malcolm McCullough.

Throughout the talk, Malcolm reveals his thoughts on the world of information superabundance, how we perceive the world around us, the role of education in forming critical thinkers, and narrowly avoids an in-depth discussion regarding the implications of arctic methane burps. McCullough notes his own meaningful life resources that expand beyond Section Cut’s usual logic of discrete items, to include practices such as travel and long form reading.

Section Cut was developed by alumni Robert Yuen (M.Arch.’11, M.S.’12), Jono Sturt (B.S., M. Arch ’11), Kyle Sturgeon (M.Arch.’11), and Dan Weissman (M.Arch.’10) and presents a thoughtfully curated collection of print and web resources and other tools for the design field. Jono Sturt conducted the “Giants!” interview. Visit Section Cut to hear the interview.