Taubman Faculty head panels for final 'Three Michigan Architects' symposium

Taubman Faculty head panels for final ‘Three Michigan Architects’ symposium

UMMA premiered their ambitious symposium series, Three Michigan Architects: Osler, Metcalf, and Brigham in December of 2013. Having given the architects, David Osler and Robert Metcalf, time to shine in Parts 1 and 2, respectively, Part 3 – George Brigham brought the symposium to its conclusion on Sunday, October 5th, in the Helmut Stern Auditorium at UMMA.

A panel of Taubman faculty, moderated by associate professor Claire Zimmerman, featured Dean Monica Ponce de Leon, professor and former Dean Doug Kelbaugh, Robert Beckley, lecturer Gregory Saldana, and professor Craig Borum.

The event was divided into two general segments: Contextualizing the Modern Houses of Ann Arbor and Preservation, and Restoration and Revival of the Modern Houses of Ann Arbor. This segment addressed “the wider importance of this circle of Ann Arbor-based architects, situating their regional body of domestic work into the larger context of modern architecture in the U.S. that developed on the East Coast and West Coast from the 1930s-1980.” The latter segment “examined the role of the archive in preserving the architectural legacy of these architects and informing efforts at restoration and revival.”

Faculty: Craig Borum ,