Kelbaugh and Wilkins recently published

Kelbaugh and Wilkins recently published

Kelbaugh published in Emergent Urbanism

“The Environmental Paradox of Cities, Landscape Urbanism and New Urbanism,” an essay by professor Doug Kelbaugh was recently published in Emergent Urbanism. The piece had already been published – and heavily cited – in a chapter of last year’s Landscape Urbanism and its Discontents. Kelbaugh’s work argues that, on average, urbanites consume less energy and produce less CO2 per capita, while also comparing two urban design movements and the often counter-intuitive contrast between environmental performance and design qualities.

Kelbaugh was also recently published on the Lean Urbanism website, with his essay, “Seven Principles of Lean, Energy-Efficient Buildings.” In addition, Kelbaugh made a guest appearance on James Kunstler’s webcast, “Kunstlercast”, discussing Dubai.

Craig Wilkins contributes chapter to Space Unveiled

Lecturer Craig Wilkins has been published in the new book, Space Unveiled: Invisible Cultures in the Design Studio. The publication, which seeks to explore the centrality of culture, gender, space and knowledge in design studios, will be home to Wilkins’ essay, “Once More into the Breech.”

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