Jazairy's article featured in MONU

Assistant Professor Jazairy’s article featured in MONU

Assistant Professor El Hadi Jazairy article “A geographic Stroll Around the Horizon” was featured in MONU, Magazine on Urbanism. Published in the 20th issue entitled Geographical Urbanism, the article was co-written with Rania Ghosn, partner at DESIGN EARTH.

“A Geographic Stroll Around the Horizon” expands the spatial and cognitive imaginary of the city of Rio de Janeiro to its ocean-hinterland. Countering the abstraction of the sea into a logistical zone of capitalist fantasies, the project draws on the horizon as a geographic aesthetic that renders legible the offshore territorial project. Set at a distance of 4.7 kilometers for an observer standing on the Earth’s surface, the distance to the visible horizon at sea has been historically important as it represented the maximum range of communication, vision, and knowledge.examines the potential for design to leverage the distribution logics of contemporary material and systemic flows to produce possible urban futures where methods of apprehension are integral to acts of intervention. The design team on this project includes Dorin Baul (M.Arch. ’13), Justin Garrison (M.Arch. ’12, M.U.D. ’13), Carla Landa (M.Arch. ’15), Jia Weng (M.U.D. ’13). The project received an Honorable Mention in the Rio City Vision Competition (2013). For more information on the article visit the MONU website.