Tsz Ng receives Art Matters grant

Tsz Ng receives Art Matters grant

Lecturer in Architecture, Tsz Ng, has received a grant from Art Matters to support ongoing research and installation for a project title, “The Spratly Fatigue”. The project focuses on the disputed territories of the Spratly Islands as a point of departure and highlights the interdependence that both large and small countries must observe in this age of economic, political, and military entanglement.

Image from The Spratly Fatigue installation at Eastern Michigan University.

Ng’s design practice straddles both architecture and installation art. Common to both practices are projects that deal with questions of labor in its various manifestations – from shifting attitudes toward labor vis-à-vis technology and processes in making to social/cultural associations about the value of labor in relation to global manufacturing, especially to textile manufacturing. These projects aim to position at various scales the loci of labor in the contemporary context.

Art Matters currently considers applications by invitation only and selects artists for work that is socially engaged with a focus on local, national and/or global concerns. Visit the Art Matters website for more information about the organization and the grants.


Faculty: Tsz Yan Ng ,