Jazairy's article featured in San Rocco Architecture Magazine

Jazairy’s article featured in San Rocco Architecture Magazine

Assistant Professor El Hadi Jazairy’s article, “Airpocalypse A Short Geostory” was featured in San Rocco Architecture Magazine. Published in the 10th issue entitled Ecology, the article was co-written with Rania Ghosn, partner at DESIGN EARTH.

The article reflects on a scenario speaking of the city’s atmospheric conditions in the wake of heavy smog conditions in global cities, or what in Beijing has been dubbed the “Airpocalypse.” It adopts a dark ecology aesthetic that at best prepares us for politics by drawing us into to the shadowy nature of the Earth. The design team on the project entitled “The Atmosphere is Dead, Long Live the Atmosphere!” includes Jia Fang (M.U.P. ’14), Chen Lu (M.U.D. ’14), Ya Suo (M.Arch. ’15). Visit the Design Earth website for more information on the article and the project.