Manninger and del Campo earn Accelerate@CERN research award

Manninger and del Campo earn Accelerate@CERN research award

The jury of Accelerate@CERN Austria, funded by the Austrian Federal Chancellery, has awarded funding to Associate Professor of Architecture, Matias del Campo, and Lecturer in Architecture, Sandra Manninger for their focus on the notion of geometry.

Accelerate@CERN is an extended research stay at CERN (the European Organisation for Nuclear Research). As the world’s largest particle physics laboratory and home to the LHC at 27 kilometers the largest machine constructed by mankind, CERN is a highly regarded centre for investigating time, space and the limits of the material world. The laboratory with its great minds and science offers the perfect environment to host and inspire architects who are interested in developing their work in new and surprising dimensions. It also has a track record in impressive creating structures like the detectors and the LHC, which do not exist anywhere else on the planet.

“Scientific insights have always been part of what influenced us as architects and designers, not only in terms of a technological aid, but as a cultural agent and catalyst for new spatial solutions,” added Manninger and del Campo. The two will join Accelerate@CERN Austria in May 2016 for their one-month research stay.

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