Wilkins Wins Blank Space’s Competition “Dear Architecture,”

Wilkins Wins Blank Space’s Competition “Dear Architecture,”

Dr. Craig Wilkins, Lecturer in Architecture, received first place in a Blank Space competition, “Dear Architecture” for his written work. Blank Space is an online platform for architecture, founded by an architect and a journalist, which hosts competitions and publications aiming to engage the public. “Dear Architecture” in particular seeks to utilize the power of the letter to challenge architectural ideas. Participants from over 60 countries wrote in to answer the design brief. The jury included Fernando Romero, Beatrice Galilee, Diana Balmori and Hani Rashid among others.

Wilkins’ work addresses architecture from the perspective of an individual lamenting that Architecture won’t speak to him. Wilkins writes, “Almost 50 years after Whitney Young, the field remains deeply implicated in the Baltimores of the nation. I wanted to remind practitioners, people beyond our immediate circle often think long and hard about what we do. Even if they don’t call it architecture, they’re acutely aware of the things that make their lives better or worse.”

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