Jazairy's Article Featured in The Avery Review Journal

Jazairy’s Article Featured in The Avery Review Journal

Assistant Professor El Hadi Jazairy’s article, “Gaia Global Circus: A Climate Tragicomedy” was recently featured in The Avery Review Journal: Critical Essays on Architecture. Published in the 12th issue on Climates, the article was co-written with Rania Ghosn, Jazairy’s partner at their practice, DESIGN EARTH.
“Gaïa Global Circus appeals to affective, aesthetic, and media practices in an effort to address the cognitive dissonance between the scale of the issues to be addressed and that of the set of emotional and experiential states that are associated with the task. It is one appeal for an aesthetic practice to engage the contemporary pressing matters of the world,” write Jazairy and Ghosn in their review of Bruno Latour’s experimental play.

You can read the full essay on The Avery Review website:

Above Photo: Gaïa Global Circus, project by Bruno Latour, play by Pierre Daubigny, directed by Frédérique Aït-Touati and Chloé Latour, Compagnie AccenT and Soif Compagnie, at The Kitchen, 2014. Photo © Paula Court. Courtesy of The Kitchen