Taubman College Alum and Student Volunteer at Flint STEAM Camp

Taubman College Alum and Student Volunteer at Flint STEAM Camp

“Do you know what an Architect does?  Do you know what Urban Planning is?”

These questions were posed by Taubman College alumna, Enesh Easlick (BS Arch 2008, MArch 2014) and current student, Lauren Grove (MUP 2017) to elementary students at a career fair at a STEAM Camp at Holmes STEM Academy in Flint, Michigan.   On an iPad, Enesh showed pictures of her designs, while talking about the use of light and space to create places that people enjoyed.  The kids’ favorite was her final project from her undergraduate degree at U-M: a gorgeous facility full of windows that would allow for indoor scuba diving, (model) ship-wreck viewing, and swimming.


Lauren talked with students about some of the more visible aspects of planning, including safety measures such as bike lanes and crosswalks. She also discussed about how urban planners have helped in efforts to map the water lines in Flint, making the point that planners work with all kinds of issues relevant to their lives.

In its inaugural year, the STEAM Camp (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math)  hosts kids from kindergarten through seventh grade from four Flint schools in a two-week experiential camp.  Half of the 84 students that attended career fair day were in kindergarten through second grade, with the other half split evenly between grades three and four and five through seven.