Grengs Publishes Study on the Transportation Environment's Impact on Driving Cessation

Grengs Publishes Study on the Transportation Environment’s Impact on Driving Cessation

Associate Professor of Urban and Regional Planning Joe Grengs was an author of the article, “The Influence of the Transportation Environment on Driving Reduction and Cessation,” in the journal, “The Gerontologist.” Driving is by far the most common mode of transportation in the United States, but driving ability is known to decline as people experience age-related functional declines. Some older adults respond to such declines by self-limiting their driving to situations with a low perceived risk of crashing, and many people eventually stop driving completely. Previous research has largely focused on individual and interpersonal predictors of driving reduction and cessation (DRC). The purpose of this study was to assess the influence of the transportation environment on DRC.

Grengs worked with Jonathon M. Vivoda (lead author), Steven G. Heeringa, Amy J. Schulz, Cathleen M Connell.

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