2017 M.Arch, MS, and MUD Student Awards


At Taubman College’s Commencement Exercises, held April 30, 2017, student award recipients were recognized for academics, leadership, service, or their exemplary character reminiscent of late alumni. Architecture Program Chair, Sharon Haar, presented the following awards:

Shurui Wu received the AIA Henry Adams Medal, a national recognition annually awarded to the student of highest scholastic standing in each of the participating universities graduate Architecture program.

The AIA Henry Adams Certificate was given to Samantha Okolita for her second highest academic standing in this year’s graduating class.

Salam Rida received the Marian Sarah Parker Memorial Award, an award in memorium of the first University of Michigan woman engineering graduate who then went on to becoming a specialist in the design of the steel-framed skyscraper and helped design revolutionary buildings as New York’s Flat Iron Building and the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. The award is made annually to the outstanding woman senior in engineering and to the outstanding woman M.Arch. degree candidate.

The Alpha Rho Chi Bronze Medal was given on behalf of the national architectural fraternity to Tyler Whitney.

For their group M.Arch Thesis project, “Elemental Procedures,” Onur Kamburoglu, Ssu-ing Wu, and Jonathan Yates from Ellie Abrons and Adam Fure’s studio section were awarded the 2017 Burton L. Kampner Memorial Award. Established in 1967 by contributions from alumni and friends of Burton L. Kampner, B.Arch.’53, this memorial award is presented annually to one student project in the Master of Architecture Thesis Studio. The selection is made by a jury consisting of the Thesis Studio faculty.

This year’s faculty also recognized three Thesis Citations:

  • Yibo Jiao – “A Little More Than Literal” (Studio: Craig Borum)
  • Masataka Yoshikawa – “Mischievous Gizmo” (Studio: Perry Kulper)
  • Samantha Okolita – “No. 06: Acension’s Variable Orientations” (Studio: John McMorrough)
  • Shurui Wesley Wu – “A.R.C. + ARK: Animal Refugee Carrier” (Studio: Julia McMorrough)

Additional Thesis projects, including those listed above, were selected to be displayed in the Taubman College Liberty Gallery (305 W Liberty St.) beginning in late May, 2017:

  • Carlos Pompeo – “Augmentation Codex: The Body Factory” (Studio: Robert Adams)
  • Sijie Dai and James Howe – “Team KERN” (Studio: Matias del Campo)
  • Clay Witt – “Gaming Nature” (Studio: Michael Jefferson)
  • Sophie Anstreicher, Alexander Comas, Troy Huckendubler, and Scott Chriss – “Line | Weight”  (Studio: Tsz Yan Ng; Seminar: Wes McGee)
  • Anthony Gonzalez – “Anxious Horizon” (Studio: Cyrus Peñarroyo)
  • Theresa Chua – “Topokairos” (Studio: Kathy Velikov)

2017 Thesis Reviews

Architecture program chair, Sharon Haar, also presented the 2017 Architectural Research Centers Consortium (ARCC) / King Student Medal which went to Nada Elsonni.

Director of the Master of Urban Design, María Arquero de Alarcón, presented this year’s Master of Urban Design Award to Prashanth Raju.

Director of the Master of Science in Material Systems and Digital Technologies, Catie Newell, presented this year’s Master of Science in Architecture Award to two students; Bowen Lu and Zora Wang.

Associate Dean, Milton Curry, presented the winners of this year’s National Organization of Minority Architecture Students (NOMAS) Exemplary Student Awards to Joi Copeland (undergraduate) and Jamilla Afandi (M.Arch).

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