Vance Presents at Tsinghua University’s Accessibility Development Conference

Assistant Professor of Architecture U. Sean Vance presented his paper, “Housing Humanity 2.0,” at Tsinghua University’s Institute for Accessibility Development Conference in Beijing, China, in October. Topics at the conference included accessible, diverse, and inclusive technology; built spaces; settlements; design; and tourism. To read more about the presentations, visit

Vance also recently participated in a workshop and symposium in Philadelphia about creating a clinic that provides public health services through campus centers. He partnered with Mikael Avery, a faculty member from the University of Pennsylvania who is a landscape architect and physical therapist, as well as faculty from Temple University’s Tyler School of Art and College of Public Health. Vance’s workshop included physical therapy students and architecture students, and was followed by a symposium of practitioners, health care specialists, and local architects who discussed the concept of institutional care for the community by a university.