Ng Honored with ARCC 2020 New Researcher Award

The Architectural Research Centers Consortium (ARCC) has honored Assistant Professor Tsz Yan Ng with the 2020 New Researcher Award. The ARCC is an international association committed to the expansion of the research culture and a supporting infrastructure in architecture and related design disciplines. 

The ARCC New Researcher Award is presented to acknowledge and reward emerging figures in architectural and environmental design research that demonstrate innovation in thinking, dedication in scholarship, contributions to the academy, and leadership within architectural and environmental design research. Ng’s practice ranges in scale from textile manufacturing facilities to commercial retail interiors or installation. Her material-based research and design primarily focus on textile manipulation and experimental concrete forming, incorporating contemporary technologies to develop novel designs and innovative ways for building and manufacturing. 

“Across her academic career to date, Tsz Yan Ng has distinguished herself as an architectural researcher with what I perceive to be a very unique set of research interests,” said Geoffrey Thün, associate dean for research and creative practice and associate professor. “Her interests span the application of digital design and fabrication technologies for the development of novel material systems with a critical positioning of this work relative to human labor practices and the production of new forms of labor.”

Robotic Needle Felting, research on robotic manufacturing processes with non-woven textiles (in collaboration with Wes McGee).

Ng, who teaches in Taubman College’s Master of Architecture and Master of Science in Digital and Material Technologies programs, is known for her cross-disciplinary research, teaching, and collaborations. In November 2019, she co-organized a multi-day symposium at Taubman College, “From Lab to Site: Innovations in Concrete,” which brought together researchers and industry experts from diverse disciplinary fields and areas of production — history and theory, engineering, construction technology, material science, design, and manufacturing — for a timely discussion centered on concrete as a building material with enormous potential for innovation. 

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About the banner image: Details of Lafayette 148 New York building facade in Shantou, China (in collaboration with Mehrdad Hadighi).


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