Taubman College Student Awards Honor Outstanding Work across Programs

With the end of the 2019–2020 academic year, Taubman College recognizes excellence on the part of students across its degree programs.

2020 Awards for Student Work



At the conclusion of the 2020 Graduate Architecture Thesis “Super Jury” Symposium, held on May 1, 2020, jurors announced the winner of the Burton L. Kampner Memorial Award, which recognizes the master’s degree candidate whose final design project is considered to be the most outstanding.

1st Place ($1,000)

  • Marco Nieto, “Autopsia in Abstentia”

Honorable Mention

  • Yanci Chen, Zhipeng Liu, and Yining Yuan, “Architecture of {AI}”



In April, the annual Student Show exhibited faculty-selected projects representing the best work by undergraduate, graduate, and post-professional architecture students from the fall 2019 semester. As part of the exhibition, which was organized by Matias del Campo, associate professor of architecture, jurors awarded prizes to undergraduate and graduate work they deemed to be the best. This year, the COVID-19 pandemic moved the Student Show to an online format, which expanded its reach: in the first few days, it had nearly 20,000 views.

ARCH 562: Propositions, ARCH 672: Systems, M.U.D., and M.S.-DMT Winners

1st Place (tie; $500 each)

  • Yixin Miao and Shourya Jain, “SEEDS” (ARCH 562, Arquero)
  • Anhong Li, Baekgi Min, and Lucas Rigney, “In Praise of Shadows” (ARCH 672, Borum and Wigger)

Honorable Mentions ($375 each) 

  • Anhong Li, “Urban Wall as Heterotopia” (ARCH 562, Arquero)
  • DaHarsheen Kaur and Ishan Pal, “Parque Sonar” (ARCH 562, Sirota)


  • Danielle Etzler, Gensler
  • Perry Kulper, Taubman College

ARCH 312: UG1, ARCH 322: UG2, and ARCH 432: UG3 Winners

1st Place (tie; $500 each)

  • Peyton Stimac, “Balance” (ARCH 322, Morcillo Pallares)
  • Philip Allore, Clare Coburn, and Mitchell Lawrence, “Terran Enclave” (ARCH 432, Jacobs) 

Honorable Mentions ($250 each)

  • Daniel Grafton, “MushROOM” (ARCH 312, Trandafirescu)
  • Haley Mayes, “Textile Waste Archive” (ARCH 312, Yi)


  • Chris Bennett, Studio Gang
  • Anya Sirota, Taubman College

ARCH 412: Form, ARCH 422: Situations, and ARCH 552: Institutions Winners

1st Place ($500)

  • Laura Lisbona, “Theater as Iranian Tomb Tower” (ARCH 552, Mediero)

Honorable Mentions ($250 each)

  • Yuxin Lin, “Insulated Theatre” (ARCH 552, Galvez)
  • Alan Escareno (ARCH 552, McMorrough)
  • Mingrui Jiang, “PLAYFULNESS” (ARCH 552, Miller)
  • Waylon Manning and Kristina Cantanero, “Enjoy plastics” (ARCH 422, Aguirre, Comerci, Jacobs, Yi)
  • Rosa Manzo, “(DIS)PLACEMENT” (ARCH 412, Abrons)


  • Jordan Hicks,Studio Gang
  • Kathy Velikov, Taubman College



The Leonard B. Willeke Design Prize is one of the largest and most prestigious awards at the college. It recognizes design excellence and innovation through an annual portfolio competition.

Undergraduate Winners

1st place (tie; 4,000 each)

  • Gian Anovert 
  • Vikitha Reddy Bezawada

2nd place ($2,000) 

  • Leah Hong


  • Rasa Bauza, B.S. ’80
  • Mark Bulmash, B.S. ’82
  • Randy Howder, B.S. ’99
  • Heather Taylor, B.S. ’90
  • Tom Whitmore, B.S. ’89
  • Martin Woodrow, B.S. ’89, M.Arch ’91

Graduate Winners

1st place (tie; $5,000 each)

  • Andrea Marquez, M.Arch 
  • Adam Schueler, M.Arch 


  • Larry Barr, B.S. ’80, M.Arch ’82
  • Amy Gilbertson, M.Arch ’01
  • Dan Harmon, B.S. ’91, M.Arch ’93