About MECC


The MECC initiative integrates multidisciplinary and civically oriented engaged learning simultaneously. It taps into existing courses and brings them together to work on related client-based projects rather than creating new courses. 

Taking that approach, the existing courses continue to serve the needs of the individual programs while also providing a vehicle for meta-disciplinary learning. 

MECC also coordinates and promotes collaborations of community partners with the goal of enhancing UM’s public service and outreach mission. The initiative is innovative and unique in its design.

MECC has worked within communities all around the state of Michigan. From exploring ways the Traverse City region could make progress on the workforce housing issue to partnering with local schools, stores, and neighborhood groups to improve living conditions around Metro Detroit to address the increasing need for refugee support, our projects are varied and speak to the ever-evolving community needs. Click here to learn more about past projects based on region.

Are you a community member looking for assistance with a complex project?  Are you a faculty member who is interested in collaborating with faculty and students from other disciplines on complex community projects? Contact us to learn more!