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Dimensions 10

Volume 10

1996, 160 pages, 9" x 12", out of print


Laura J. Auerbach, Jenifer Burke, Team DHAHM (Donn Perez, Helmut Rainer, Alexander Seitlinger, Hina N. Jamelle, Martin Gleiss), Leslie Van Duzer, Jill Fortuna, Yasser el Gabry, Melissa Harris, Jeffrey J. Kilmer, Kent Kleinman, Tresna Lim, Morphosis, Jo Noero, Randall Ott, Amy Potter, Michelle Rinehart, Helmut Schramm, Anatole Senkevich, Jr., Dennis B. Smith, Leslie Stein, Christian Unverzagt, Meghan Walsh, David Wang, Paul Warner, Jason Young


Mark Ayers, Bryan Brown, Jenifer Burke, Jill Fortuna, Hina Jamelle, Jeffrey J. Kilmer, Ung-Joo Scott Lee, Tresna Lim, Kemba Mazloomian, Michelle A. Rinehart, Dennis B. Smith, Paul Warner

Faculty Advisor

Brian Carter


Dimensions 10 (PDF 88.6MB)

Out of print.

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Plan Your Future
Housing, Community, and Economic Development
Land Use and Environmental Planning
Physical Planning and Design
Transportation Planning
Global and Comparative Planning