Alumnus Wil Marquez's Shufa Chair Receives Attention

Taubman College alumnus Wil Marquez, M.Arch. ’05, has been interviewed for several Indianapolis publications for his work at A2SX, where he is director, and, more specifically, for his Shufa chair. Wil has been featured in both Indianapolis Monthy and

The Shufa chair is “much more than a chair;” rather it represents the firm’s “new way of thinking about how furniture could be produced.” Wil says they are “trying to find a really slick way to mass-customize furniture instead of mass-produce furniture.” A2SX is a digital-design division of Indianapolis’s own local architecture firm A2SO4. Wil, also adjunct professor for Ball State University’s College of Architecture, plans to make the Shufa chair available this summer. The prototype is currently on display at Broad Ripple Art and Design in Indianapolis, IN. Once available, the Shufa chair will be made to order from regionally sustainable materials, as it was designed to minimize waste in production.