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Published: 05/28/2024

Project Term: 2013-2020

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Community Action to Promote Healthy Environments: Detroit

Community Action to Promote Healthy Environments (CAPHE) is a community-based participatory research partnership that involves community-based organizations, the health practice community, environmental organizations, and academic researchers. We are working together to develop and implement a public health action plan to improve air quality and health in Detroit.

Air pollution is an environmental justice issue in the Detroit Metropolitan Area. In this area, air pollution is due to vehicular traffic (particularly diesel trucks) and local industrial processes. This project is an effort to create a community-based plan for prioritizing strategies to reduce air pollution or lessen its negative health impacts.

Larissa Larsen is a co-investigator on the Community Action to Promote Healthy Environments (CAPHE) project, along with the following U-M School of Public Health faculty members: Amy Schulz (PI), Stuart Batterman (PI), Barbara Israel (co-PI). This multi-year project (2013-2020) was funded by the Health and Human Services Department of the National Institutes of Health.

To learn more about the CAPHE community-based participatory research partnership, see the CAPHE website and pollution fact sheets.


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