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Professor Shaun Jackson leads students in Integrated Product Design Class to create Treads Motor City Sandals

Architecture Professor Shaun Jackson, along with Stephen M. Ross School of Business Professor Bill Lovejoy, teaches the Integrated Product Design Class in which UM students created Treads Motor City Sandals, sandals made of recycled car parts. The Integrated Product Design Class, offered by the Tauber Institute for Global Operations for the past 20 years, requires aspiring designers, engineers and business professionals to work together to make a marketable product. The students' challenge this semester was to come up with products made from recycled materials that could be manufactured by someone with entry-level skills.

This year, Cass Community Social Services, a Detroit non-profit, is working to turn Treads into a small business that could employ some of its clients. Treads is one of six eco-friendly mini business ideas that students developed for Cass to consider adding to its Green Industries set of micro enterprises.

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Jan 11, 2012

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