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October 2020 DEI Spotlight - MUDSA (Matters of Urban Design Student Association)


Organization Name: MUDSA - Matters of Urban Design Student Association 

MUDSA Committee Members: Madeeha Ayub, Amelia Linde, Chia-Wei Chan (left to right, below) 

About MUDSA: We have conversations around urban issues and connect with urban designers in the field.

Faculty Advisor: María Arquero de Alarcón

Group Achievements: This summer we built a website, made a workshop series for incoming students, and hosted the “Breakfast Series” - weekly zoom call interviews with professors! 

Favorite Group Activity: Traveling the world! Specifically urban environments. Last year we had the opportunity to go to Chicago.

DEI Contribution/Highlight: This summer MUDSA worked on developing events for a public programming platform with the “Breakfast Series” being the first prototype. This biweekly, morning chat with professors at Taubman College was open to any and all Taubman College students. It became a way, especially for new or international students, to get to know professors and their research before the semester started. It was a means of virtual connection, conversation, and learning. In the era of COVID, the Breakfast Series continues to foster MUDSA’s conversations of architecture and urbanism around the topics of BLM movement, the COVID crisis, and the ongoing climate change crisis. 

Why is diversity, equity, and inclusion important to you? As a primarily international cohort, DEI is who we are. Our various perspectives give us the opportunity to look outside of ourselves in true urbanist fashion.


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