Applied Planning Skills Focus Area

Urban planning professionals rely on a diverse set of skills to shape urban places. These include methods of technical analysis and modeling, public participation, stakeholder engagement, and quantitative and qualitative research. This focus area is intended for students seeking to emphasize these professional skills, which can be applied to various functional planning domains.

Coordinator: Robert Goodspeed

Primary Courses

  • URP 520, Introduction to GIS
  • URP 521, Intermediate GIS
  • URP 522, Collaborative Planning
  • URP 550, Planning Representation and Communication
  • URP 800, Qualitative Research Methods

Secondary Courses

  • URP 535, Introduction to Urban Informatics
  • URP 524, Program Evaluation for Urban Planning
  • URP 526, Scenario Planning
  • URP 585, Economic Development Planning Methods

Non-URP Courses

Many courses in the School of Information, Engineering, Public Policy, and other fields may be relevant. Here is a selected list:

  • SI 671, Data Mining
  • PP 567, Data Analysis
  • EAS 533, Negotiating Skills in Environmental Dispute Resolution
  • CEE 575, Sensors and Data