Bachelor of Science in Architecture (External Transfers)

/ Value of a University of Michigan Degree

Earning a bachelor’s degree from Taubman College is an investment in your future.  U-M strives to be an affordable choice for you through our variety of need-based aid and scholarship offerings.

/ Go Blue Guarantee

The U-M Go Blue Guarantee makes an undergraduate education at the University of Michigan more affordable for residents of Michigan. If you qualify, your financial aid will include scholarships and grants totaling at least the cost of tuition and mandatory university fees assessed each semester.

/ Key Dates and Deadlines

Financial Aid Applications Opening Date Deadline
CSS Profile October 1 March 31
FAFSA December March 31

/ Financial Aid and Scholarships

Taubman College is committed to making quality education affordable and achievable to all students.

Applying for Aid

External transfer students, because (if admitted) you will start in the Summer term, you are required to have 3 financial aid forms on file:

  • Current FAFSA (current academic year)
  • Upcoming FAFSA (next academic year) – year you’re entering U-M
  • CSS Profile

/ Estimated Cost of Attendance

Undergraduate (Junior*)

  Michigan residents Non-Residents International
Summer Tuition* $4,908 $15,917 $15,917
Summer Mandatory Fees (Half Term)* $83 $83 $83
Summer International Student Fee     $250
Summer Living (varies by student) $3,000 $3,000 $3,000
Fall + Winter Tuition $19,630 $63,664 $63,664
Mandatory Fees (2 Full Terms) $332 $332 $332
Books & Supplies $1,452 $1,452 $1,452
Living (varies by student) $14,700 $14,700 $14,700
Health Insurance     $2,520
International Student Fee     $1,000
Total $44,105 $99,148 $102,906

* Includes tuition for Architectural Design 302, a six-credit hour intensive skill-building studio for transfer students who begin taking courses in the summer half-term.

Undergraduate (Senior)

  Michigan residents Non-Residents International
Fall + Winter Tuition $19,630 $63,664 $63,664
Mandatory Fees (2 Full Terms) $332 $332 $332
Books & Supplies $1,410 $1,410 $1,410
Living (varies by student) $14,700 $14,700 $14,700
Health Insurance     $2,520
International Student Fee     $1,000
Total $36,072 $80,106 $83,614

Note: Please check the University of Michigan Registrar's Office website for current tuition figures. The Registrar's Office is the authoritative source of tuition information for the University.

Tuition and Due Date Information

Student Financial Services manages student account billing and tuition collection at the University of Michigan. Visit their website to learn more about paying tuition and due dates.

Spring Travel Grants

Each spring semester, our faculty teach spring travel courses for credit. All students from Taubman College are guaranteed $1,500 in support for international travel and $1,000 for domestic travel.

Undergraduate Laptop Program

The Michigan Undergraduate Laptop Program (ULP) provides free laptops to eligible incoming students on the UM-Ann Arbor campus.