Ph.D. in Architecture


Taubman College provides full funding to all students admitted to our doctoral programs. We provide four years of funding, which includes a full tuition waiver, health insurance, and a generous stipend package that combines both fellowship funding and a graduate assistantship, as long as you’re making satisfactory progress toward your degree. Funding also includes a stipend for your spring/summer terms. We do not require an additional application for financial aid.

We encourage students to apply for additional external sources of support when available. We also nominate students for University fellowships when they are eligible.

Students who bring external funding with them at the time of admission should specify this funding to the Doctoral Studies Office so that program staff may consult with faculty and construct a coordinated funding package.

For other financial aid, such as loans and grants, contact the University of Michigan Office of Financial Aid (734-763-6600). In addition, the Rackham Fellowships Office (734-764-8119) has information on fellowships and scholarships from outside agencies.