Degree(s) Earned
B.S. '99

Current Employer: Wharf (Holdings) Ltd.

Hometown/Country: Hong Kong

Current City/Country: Hong Kong

/ Alumni / Bachelor of Science in Architecture,

Chiu Long Sunny Ngan

General Manager, Business Development

“The college has a very high standard for students. I have always reminded myself to keep up with such high standards throughout my career.”

Why did you choose Taubman College?

I majored in architecture. I consider the college one of the best in the world in this aspect.

Describe the work that you do.

I have been working on real estate development in mainland China for more than 18 years. I started my career as an architect and gradually broadened my scope to the whole residential development cycle, ranging from land acquisition to design to construction to sales. Currently, we are handling a portfolio of about 80 projects, nearly half of which are in active operation.

How did Taubman College prepare you for your career?

The college opened the door for me in architectural design and enlightened me in intellectual and aesthetic aspects. I acquired my fundamental professional skills when I attended the college.

What did you like best about Taubman College?

We spent long hours in the studio, so I especially liked the strong bonding and collaboration among students, as well as the liberal atmosphere in academics.