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Former Taubman College students who have not been registered for more than 12 months must complete and submit an application for readmission to taubmancollegeadmissions@umich.edu. Please include subject line: Request Readmission: Last Name, First Name.

Application Deadline

The application for readmission should be completed and submitted no later than two months before the beginning of the term of proposed re-enrollment.


Former Taubman College student (non-Rackham) who seeks to re-enroll in an Architecture degree (2 Yr M.Arch, 3 Yr M.Arch, Master of Urban Design, or Bachelor of Science in Architecture) after NOT registering in the program for more than 12 months.


  • Readmission Application (no application processing fee)
  • Please provide a brief statement on why you would like to return to Taubman College
  • UM Transcript


Contact Taubman College Admissions at taubmancollegeadmissions@umich.edu

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