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Dimensions 26

Volume 26


2013, 176 pages plus jacket, 8" x 10"

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Thesis: Anand Amin, Andrew Aulerich, Lauren Bebry, Din Botsford Blankenship, Ashley Goe, Andrew Heathfield, Julie Janiski, Spencer Kroll, Tarlton Long, Justin Mast, Andrew McCarthy, Matt Nickel, Catharine Pyenson, Kurt Schleicher, Andrew Stern, Lauren Vasey, Ning Wang, and Brenna Williams. Research Through Making: Wes McGee, Catie Newell, Geoffrey Thun, Kathy Velikov. Architecture Fellows: James Macgillivray, Kyle Reynolds, Etienne Turpin. Lecturers: Beatriz Colomina, Evan Roth, Roger Sherman, Lola Sheppard. Saarinen/Swanson Essay Competition: Jordan Hicks, Conor Wood. Wallenberg Studio: Vittorio Lovato, Hannah Hunt Moeller, Christopher Reznich. With a foreword by Architecture Chair John McMorrough, and a postscript by Christian Unverzagt.


John Hilmes, SJ Kwon, Amanda Levesque, Eric Nelson, Anthony Pins, Yi Yuan

Faculty Advisor

Christian Unverzagt


Dimensions 26

Out of print.

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