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Dimensions 33

Volume 33

2020, 164 pages, 8" x 10"


Wallenberg: Markus Boynton, Malcolm Brom, Evan Crawford, Grace Hsu, Lejia Li, Everritt Phillips, Angel Tang. ASRG: Mackenzie Bruce, Maggie Cochrane. Thesis: Gabriela Alvergue, Brian Baksa, Jordan Laurila, Eric Minton, Emily Richards. Fellows: Gabriel Cuéllar, Liz Gálvez, De Peter Yi. Lecturers: Mark Burry, Carme Pigem, Nader Tehrani. Foreword by Architecture Chair McLain Clutter and postscript by Christian Unverzagt.


Mytreyi Chandrasekhar, Liyah George, Anhong Li, Abirami Manivannan, Jenny Scarborough, Rachel Skof, Ben Vassar

Faculty Advisor

Christian Unverzagt


Dimensions 33 (44 MB)

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