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Dimensions 34

Volume 34

2021, 192 pages, 8" x 10"


Wallenberg: Phillip Allore, Gian-Paolo Anovert, Clare Coburn, Jamie Johnson, Cayman Langton, Natsume Ono, Peyton Stimac, Kay Wright, Yangtian Yan, Jessica Yu. Thesis: Anhong Li, Delaney McCraney, Reed Miller, Marco Nieto, Jenny Scarborough. Fellows: Jacob Comerci, Matīss Groskaufmanis, Eduardo Mediero. Lecturers: f-architecture. Interview: Joy Knoblauch. ASRG: Lindsay Barranco, Leonard Bopp, Tyler Gaeth, Jamie Lee, Dan Shen, Kaylee Tucker. Foreword by Architecture Chair McLain Clutter and postscript by Christian Unverzagt.


Austin Ehrhardt, Pilar O'Hara, Libby Owen, Francesca Romano, Rachel Skof

Faculty Advisor

Christian Unverzagt


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