Term: Spring 2023
Section: 2
Class Number: 409
Credits: 3
Required: No
Elective: Yes

/ ARCH 409

Exhibition Workshop: The Gift of Architecture (Germany, Switzerland)

Location(s): Germany, Switzerland

Workshop participants will travel to Germany and Switzerland to develop the exhibition concept for the forthcoming show The Gift of Architecture at the Museum of Architecture in Munich, co-curated by Łukasz Stanek. This exhibition focuses on buildings gifted since WWII on four continents, and studies how the dynamics of gift-giving impacted their design, construction, and everyday uses. The course will be divided into three parts. During the reading sessions (online), students will discuss the case studies of the exhibition. During a one-week workshop in Munich, students will work with their peers from the Technical University in Munich and develop the exhibition strategy, the concept of the narrative, and the exhibition catalogue. The workshop will end with a three-day trip to Switzerland (Zurich, Basel), including visits to an architectural office which designed gifted buildings. This workshop will build upon but be intendent from the Winter 2023 elective The Gift of Architecture.

  • Department permission required to enroll. Permissions are only issued to those students who complete the balloting process and submit a deposit per program directions.
  • This course is cross-listed with ARCH 506. Undergraduate students must enroll in the ARCH 409 section.
  • This course does fulfill the architecture (300/400-level) elective requirement for the BS in Architecture degree.




Łukasz Stanek