Term: Winter 2024
Section: 5
Class Number: 509
Credits: 3
Required: No
Elective: Yes
Course Brief

/ ARCH 509

Theories of Design Health

Health can inspire design, design can support health, but the two regularly seem to be at odds in our 21stcentury world. How can we think about and argue for the importance of design and health? How do various contexts impact the way that design and health blend? This course provides students with an understanding of the multitude of definitions of good health and good design across the globe, over time, and in various demographic realms. Weekly readings situate interdisciplinary concepts within the history of architecture and its disciplinary engagement with visually, technology, and expertise. We study how change happens, and the place of the architect in that narrative of change. Students become familiar with the nexus of disciplines and professions that enable and constrain design health. Participants complete the course with: 1) a schema of the potential sites of intervention for architecture and design 2) ability to frame a prospectus for theoretical intervention and / or contemporary research related to the intersection of design and health. Open to undergraduate, graduate, and PhDstudents.


Tue 8:30-11:30am  2210 A&AB


Joy Knoblauch