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Design Futures Forum Keynote: Monica Lewis Patrick with Emily Kutil

Design Futures Forum Keynote: Monica Lewis Patrick with Emily Kutil Join for the keynote public event hosted as part of the Design Futures Forum featuring Monica Lewis Patrick with Emily Kutil. Using We the People of Detroit’s cross-disciplinary research, Monica Lewis-Patrick and Emily Kutil will discuss dynamics of infrastructure, race, and public health that define the struggle for […]

Lecture: Bon Ku

Lecture: Bon Ku Bon Ku is the Director of the Health Design Lab at Thomas Jefferson University where he created the first design thinking program at a medical school. He is the Marta and Robert Adelson Professor of Medicine and Design, the Associate Dean for Health & Design and a practicing emergency physician. His work […]

Mayor Eric Garcetti in Conversation

Mayor Eric Garcetti in Conversation Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti joins Taubman College Dean Jonathan Massey in conversation on housing affordability and access. This special event, in partnership with U-M Poverty Solutions Initiative and the new Weiser Center for Real Estate, will be live streamed. Click here to register.   About the Mayor Eric Garcetti […]

Panel, Material Responsibility: Mollie Claypool, Dana Cupkova, and Achim Menges

Panel, Material Responsibility: Mollie Claypool, Dana Cupkova, and Achim Menges Material Responsibility discusses issues of contemporary material fabrication in context to social, environmental, and construction related challenges. Researchers, designers, and builders assume the mantle of responsibility to address inherited legacies in everyday practices. This event tries to unravel not only assumptions about what and how we […]

postcommodities…architecture after stuff

Symposium: postcommodities...architecture after stuff One person’s wishlist is already another person’s problem. Prime Day is cruel and you can’t afford the bag your culture is printed on. This persistent materialism is contributing to social inequity and climate crisis alike and from quarries to distribution centers to construction methods, architecture is implicated at all scales of […]

Dr. Anthony Jack, "The Privileged Poor: How Elite Colleges Are Failing Poor Students"

Dr. Anthony Jack, "The Privileged Poor: How Elite Colleges Are Failing Poor Students" Get­ting into col­lege for dis­ad­van­taged stu­dents is only half the bat­tle. Dr. Anthony Abra­ham Jack dis­cusses stu­dents he’s named the Priv­i­leged Poor: lower income stu­dents at elite col­lege cam­puses. He reveals how and why they strug­gle and explains what schools can do […]

Lecture: Justin Beal, "Sandfuture"

Lecture: Justin Beal, "Sandfuture" Artist Justin Beal will speak about his book Sandfuture (MIT Press September 2021). Sandfuture is a book about the life of the architect Minoru Yamasaki (1912–1986), who remains on the margins of history despite the enormous influence of his work on American architecture and society. Sandfuture is also a book about an artist interrogating art and architecture’s role in […]

Lecture: LA Más

Lecture: LA Más LA Más co-founder Elizabeth Timme and Backyard Homes program manager Chaz Kern will share more on the firm's work.  LA Más designs and builds initiatives that promote neighborhood resilience and elevate the agency of working class communities of color. They envision a Northeast Los Angeles where communities of color have equitable access to the […]

Lecture: Tereza Ruller, The Rodina

Lecture: Tereza Ruller, The Rodina You're invited to attend an interactive lecture in the Art & Architecture Building Commons (or tune in virtually) on Friday, November 12, featuring designer, performer, and educator Tereza Ruller from The Rodina. Lunch will be provided for watch party attendees that register - and please plan to bring your laptop.  How to make […]

Lecture: Sir David Adjaye & Chika Okeke-Agulu

Lecture: Sir David Adjaye & Chika Okeke-Agulu The debate about restitution and the ethics of Western museums’ owning African artworks collected during the era of colonization has never been more in the public eye. Most well-known, perhaps, are the “Benin bronzes,” artistic and royal heirlooms made since the 13th century by highly specialized metalworkers in […]

2022 Wallenberg Symposium

Size Up: Changing Paradigms in Social Impact Design Convened by U-M Public Design Corps, "Size Up" is a full-day experimental symposium dedicated to exploring the multiplicity of activities and inquiries conceived to yield positive change across the design disciplines. Once set against the backdrop of social transition, political reckoning, and ecological crisis, social practice progressively gained […]