M.U.D. Designs for Manhattan Presented to Regional Plan Association in New York City

In June, the 2009 M.U.D. final studio designs for Manhattan’s Lower East Side will be presented to the Regional Plan Association in New York City.; The studio re-designed 1.5 miles of public housing projects along the East River waterfront. The designs provide examples for addressing a problem found throughout the world: the clash between traditional urban form and 20th-century Modernist urban renewal, represented by the superblock and high-rise apartment tower. The M.U.D. schemes combine in-fill development, street and public-space design, and new transportation systems to capitalize on the projects’ potential for new housing with an income stream that can help keep the projects affordable to current low-income tenants. At the same time, the designs propose a new skyline for one of the city’s most prominent locations. The designs will be presented as an alternative to the demolition and displacement occurring at other public-housing sites around the country at a time when New York City plans the future of its low-income housing.