Roy Strickland, Program Director, Publishes Chapter in Making the Metropolitan Landscape

Roy Strickland, M.U.D. program director, has published his chapter “Integrating Urban Design and Educational Reform in the Post-Industrial American City: Paterson, NJ as a City of Learning” in Making the Metropolitan Landscape: Standing Firm on Middle Ground, edited by Jacqueline Tatom with Jennifer Stauber and published by Routledge (New York and London). The chapter describes Stricklands method of using capital projects for schools for urban revitalization and his strategies for relating school construction and curriculum to urban resources, as represented in his design and planning work for Paterson, NJ. The book is described as “an unsentimental, confident expression of the opportunities and potentialities for design in the American city today.” Other contributors include Hashim Sarkis, Peter G. Rose, James Wines, Gwendolyn Wright, Alan Plattus, Eric Mumford, and Anne Vernez-Moudon.