Taubman College supports Sustainable Mobility and Accessibility Research and Transportation (SMART) initiatives

A new vision for urban transportation is becoming a reality in some of the world’s largest cities thanks to the U-M SMART initiative. SMART (Sustainable Mobility and Accessibility Research and Transformation) takes an innovative approach to transportation while championing principles of environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

Taubman College has been a major supporter of SMART since its inception and continues to back its initiatives in collaboration with other University of Michigan schools and organizations including Stephen M. Ross School of Business, the School of Natural Resources and Environment, and the Center for Complex Systems.

SMART undertakes research, demonstration projects, education, and global learning exchange on a range of issues related to the future of transportation in city regions around the world. Projects and related research are currently underway or in development with dedicated local partners in Cape Town, South Africa; Chennai, Bangalore, and Cochin in India; and selected U.S. cities including Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Ann Arbor, and the Detroit region.

This November, SMART’s Sustainable Urban Mobility & Accessibility Summit will be held in Ann Arbor and Taubman College Urban and Regional Planning Chair Jonathan Levine and Director of the Graduate Real Estate Program Christopher Leinberger have been invited to speak.

Learn more about SMART here.