Leinberger provides input on Piston’s potential move to downtown Detroit in Detroit Free Press

In the Detroit Free Press, Taubman College Professor of Urban Planning Christopher Leinberger suggested that adding the Pistons to the mix of Detroit’s three casinos, live theaters and nightclubs, as well as its athletic home base for the Tigers, Lions and Red Wings, could help downtown Detroit “bolster its status as an urban adult entertainment destination.”

Although it remains unclear as to where a new arena would be built, Leinberger offered that building professional sports arenas downtown, versus the suburbs, tends to benefit both the cities themselves as well as attendance at games.

While the Free Press stated, “no one sees a new sports arena as the magic bullet that will restore downtown Detroit to its heyday,” Leinberger noted that downtown’s Detroit’s adult entertainment industry combined with the city’s love for sports provides for “a very unique combination that very few other cities have” and, consequently, “all sorts of spin-off economic development.”

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