Associate Professor McCullough and other scholars present at New Media/Social Change symposium

Malcolm McCullough, Associate Professor of Architecture, will participate at the “New Media/Social Change” symposium, November 4, 2011, at the School of Social Work Building. As part of the panel, “From Digital Direct Action to Leaking: How to Understand the Politics of Anonymous,” McCullough will be a UM respondent along with Mary Gallagher, Director of Center for Chinese Studies, for speaker E. Gabriella Coleman of New York University. Among other leading scholars from the U.S. and Europe, McCullough will examine how “new media” (social, network and digital) have changed regions and reshaped the study of international questions. They will also discuss how changing technology will put news media at risk. The symposium is sponsored by the International Institute, its centers, and the Department of Communication Studies.

The event will be webcast live on the International Institute’s website on the day of the symposium. click here.
For more information on the speakers: click here.