Strickland Gives Lecture Tour in China About Urban Design

Roy Strickland Gives Lecture Tour in China About Urban Design

Roy Strickland, Professor of Architecture, gave a lecture tour in China regarding resilient city design during June and July. His presentations focused on his Taubman College urban design studios’ concept designs for an earthquake-resistant new city for 3.5 million people on the Black Sea coast of Turkey and the retrofit of Manhattan in New York City in the face of climate change.

As China embarks on a 250-million person urbanization effort for the entire nation, new and expanded cities will confront seismic and climate issues of the kinds addressed by the Taubman College projects. China also needs to produce professionally-trained urban designers. In response to this need, Strickland described the pedagogical methods behind the Taubman College studio work that emphasized collaboration across architects, urban planners and landscape architects.

Locations of Strickland’s lectures were Beijing at both Tsinghua University and the University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Shanghai at the International Association for China Planning, Jinan at the Shangdong Province Land Resource Committee, Guangzhou at the South China University of Technology, and Hong Kong at the City University of Hong Kong.