Mankouche part of MCubed Team hosting workshop on November 18 investigating 'Architectural Revolutions'

Mankouche part of MCubed Team hosting workshop on November 18 investigating ‘Architectural Revolutions’ 

Steven Mankouche, Associate Professor of Architecture, will partner with professors Ratte and Terrenato from the Humanities program in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA) to host a series of “Architectural Revolutions” workshops beginning Monday, November 18th.

The workshops are part of the teams MCubed project titled, “Architectural Revolutions from the Roman Empire to the Digital Age”; a project which will undertake an interdisciplinary investigation of the relationship between architecture and technology, focusing on architectural “revolutions” sparked by innovations in technology.

The project will embrace a comparative historical perspective, taking the “Roman architectural revolution” (the development of structural concrete) and modern developments in digital design and digital fabrication as starting points. M-cubed funds will be used to support a series of activities in the academic year 2013/14, designed to provide new ways for interested communities, especially in LSA and the Taubman College or Architecture and Urban Planning, to come together to examine subjects of common interest. These activities will include lectures and workshops on the connections between architecture and technology over time, as well as experiments in the recovery of historic building methods using modern digital and robotic tools. The expected outcomes of these collaborations include publications, conference presentations, curricular innovations, and exhibitions.