Wilkins wins 2013-14 A’Design Award

Craig Wilkins, Ph.D., Lecturer in Architecture, in collaboration with Detroit Community Design Center has been awarded an A’ (“A-Prime”) Social Design Award for a collaborative project entitled, “Door Stops,” seating for transit riders.

This design for moveable structures for transit stops is intended to provide a safer and aesthetically pleasing alternative to that which currently exists and to make an easily identifiable, safe, and pleasant waiting area for riders. The seating units are constructed of recycled and repurposed materials and infused with public art commissioned from local artists. Prototypes will be installed in Detroit later this year.

The DCDC focuses on providing ethical, participatory, socio-economically sensitive, aesthetically innovative design and planning solutions to public, private, and institutional clientele in primarily but not exclusively under-served urban communities. The A’ Design Award is an international design competition that aims to highlight the best designs, design concepts and design-oriented products worldwide.