Planning student writes op-ed

Planning student Carolyn Lusch writes OpEd for Concentrate

Carolyn Lusch (M.U.P.) wrote an OpEd for Concentrate an online magazine focusing on people, businesses, news, and events in Washtenaw County.

In the OpEd, Lusch discussed her thoughts on the upcoming Public Transportation Improvement Millage vote taking place May 6 aimed to improve public bus, van, and paratransit services—including expanded service hours, routes, destinations, and services for seniors and people who have disabilities.

Lusch wrote, “The upcoming millage vote is a matter of values. I want to live in a place where transit riding is the norm, where people care about the options available to the least privileged in our society, where people make decisions not just based on their self-interest, but on the interest of their community and their region. I’m grateful that the current infrastructure exists in the Ann Arbor area. I’m also convinced that we can do better, both to facilitate active, progressive lifestyles and to ensure that this remains a welcoming and supportive place for everyone.”