Arquero de Alarcón and Maigret featured in gb&d Magazine

Arquero de Alarcón and Maigret discuss design and public space in gb&d Magazine

Taubman College Assistant Professors and founders of MAde Studio, María Arquero de Alarcón and Jen Maigret, were guest editors in gb&d Magazine’s January 2015 “Ideas” issue.

The team is also featured in a career-spanning interview which describes their partnership, production style, and thoughts on topics such as design, memory and building restoration. Speaking about their interests, Maigret illuminates what makes MAde Studio function so well, stating, “I think we share a lot in terms of the things we get excited about and are working toward, which is a commitment to public space and to linking systems of environment and culture, and really advocating for design as an incredibly important tool within all these broader conversations.” Read the complete interview on the gb&d website.

María Arquero de Alarcón (left) and Jen Maigret (right).