Taubman College's Commitment to International Faculty, Students and Staff

Taubman College’s Commitment to International Faculty, Students and Staff

​Dear Taubman College Community:

“We are glad that you are here.” That is how the University of Michigan President Mark Schlissel signed a statement affirming the University’s commitment to international students and faculty. (

While this was in response to a particular political action, please know that this is how the University feels about ALL of our students, faculty and staff all the time.

This affirmation applies particularly to Taubman College. Architecture, planning, and urban design have rightly become global in scope because the immense challenges of re-designing and re-planning the world stemming from climate change and rapid urbanization are necessarily global in scope. We have sought to make Taubman College an international center for architecture and planning focused on these issues.

We are proud and honored that so many outstanding students, faculty, and staff from around the world have chosen to study, teach, and work at Taubman College.

I commend the statement by University of Michigan President Mark Schlissel, which can be found under the heading “Protecting the Interests of Our International Community of Scholars” at

I speak for everyone at Taubman College when I pledge that we will do everything we can to fight unjust and un-American regulations and to maintain and enhance the college as a diverse international community where the “leaders and best” from around the world can work together to respond to our global challenges.

As you review your future academic and professional career choices, ask questions and seek out institutions and policies that treat all fairly. At the University of Michigan, we are committed to the pursuit of excellence and justice. We hope you will join us.

Robert Fishman
Interim Dean