McGee Speaks at Matter Design Computation Symposium at Cornell University

McGee Speaks at Matter Design Computation Symposium at Cornell University

Wes McGee, Assistant Professor in Architecture and the Director of the FABLab, is speaking at the Matter Design Computation Symposium: The Art of Building From Nano to Macro at Cornell University on February 10 – 11, 2017. McGee will be speaking on a panel focused on Robotic Fabrication and Architectural Applications of 3D Printing.

The symposium, organized by Jenny Sabin, will feature pioneers shaping the future trajectories of material innovations and digital technologies for architecture, and aims to advance research across disciplines in order to effect pragmatic change in the economical, ecological, and cultural production of complex built forms.

McGee’s work revolves around the interrogation of material performance, with a research and teaching agenda focused on developing new connections between design, engineering, materials, and manufacturing processes as they relate to the built environment through the creation of customized software and hardware tools. With the goal of seamlessly integrating fabrication constraints with design intent, the work spans multiple realms, including algorithmic design, computational feedback of material properties, and the development of novel production processes which utilize industrial robots as bespoken machines of architectural production. As a founding partner and senior designer in the studio Matter Design, his work spans a broad range of scales and materials, always dedicated to reimagining the role of the designer in the digital era.

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