Strickland Edits Issue of Peer-Reviewed Journal of Urban Design and Planning

Strickland Edits Issue of Peer-Reviewed Journal of Urban Design and Planning

Taubman College students engaged in inter-disciplinary concept development in Strickland’s urban design studio.

The peer-reviewed Journal of Urban Design and Planning has released a themed issue regarding urban design education edited by Roy Strickland, Professor of Architecture. The issue features an international selection of articles by contributors Gary Hack (University of Pennsylvania); Yan Tang (Tsinghua University); Stefan Nijhuis, Egbert Stolk and Maarteenjian Hoekstra (TU Delft); Naill Kirkwood (Harvard University); Conrad Kickert (University of Cincinnati) and Taubman College Professor Robert Fishman. The journal is a publication of the Institution of Civil Engineers, U.K.

In his introductory editorial to the articles, Strickland writes, “By discussing issues such as program and curriculum development, design-based education and research, and inter-disciplinary study, they offer insights into the opportunities and challenges facing urban design education in a world where, for the first time, more than half of people live in cities.”

In the editorial, entitled “Ten Recommendations for Urban Design Teaching and Learning,” Strickland addresses “matters of admissions, curriculum and studio and course structure in response to real-world conditions that students will find on graduation.” They are based Strickland’s tenure as the first director of urban design at Taubman College from 2001 to 2012, his ongoing teaching of urban design studios at the College and his appointment as International Visiting Professor of Urban Design at the South China University of Technology. (See