NY Times Reviews Fure’s The Force of Things, An Immersive Work of Musical Theater

NY Times Reviews Fure’s The Force of Things, An Immersive Work of Musical Theater

Assistant Professor of Architecture Adam Fure is featured in the New York Times Review for “The Force of Things: An Opera for Objects.” The piece was written by Fure’s sister, composer Ashley Fure, and is performed by 3 percussionists, 2 vocalists, and 2 woodwind specialists from the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE). Premiering at Montclair State University on October 6 – 8 2017, the immersive work of music theater took place in a long warehouse-like space in which the audience was encouraged to move around rather than stay seated. The article describes the performance as “a cross between a gallery art show and a black-box theatre spectacle.”

Adam Fure collaborated with Ashley Fure to design the environment for the performance. The article describes, “even when the frequencies were too low to be audible, the sound waves vibrated strings that ran from the subwoofers up to large sculptures made from plastic, trace paper and silicon to suggest the molted skin of some mythological beast.” The designed objects, including Styrofoam and metallic sculptures, were meant to interact with the performers and their instruments.

The opera took place at the Alexander Kasser Theatre as part of the Peak Performances series sponsored by Montclair State University. Ashley Fure’s website and description of the work can be found here.

The opera was also featured in a New Yorker article titled Infrasound Opera. The article references Fure’s “dim, cavernous environment” made of paper and silicone sculptures. The article was released online and in print on October 30, 2017.

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