Herrmann, Bigham, And Tursack Interviewed in Archinect Series Fellow Fellows

Herrmann, Bigham, And Tursack Interviewed in Archinect Series Fellow Fellows

The Archinect series “Fellow Fellows” invites recent participants in architectural fellowships to reflect on their experiences. The interviews attempt to understand what these fellowship positions offer to the young academics, the institutions that support them, and the discipline at large. Two recent entries belong to Taubman fellows and faculty.

Ashley Bigham (Walter B. Sanders Fellow 2015-16) and Erik Herrmann (Walter B. Sanders Fellow 2016-17) were featured in the article Fellow Fellows: Outpost Office.  In the article, Bigham describes her project Safety Not Guaranteed which explored the relationships of defense, surveillance, and the architecture of the American suburb. Herrmann comments on his fellowship project Another Digital, saying, “I’m interested in alternative forms of the digital project in architecture. Eschewing specialization and positivism, I’m less interested in the computer as a tool and more interested in it as a lens for viewing the world.”  Throughout the article they speak about resources and opportunities they receive at Taubman College as well as their current projects.

Hans Tursack (Willard A. Oberdick Fellow 2016-17) also was also featured in the series, in the article Fellow Fellows: Hans Tursack. Tursack describes his fellowship project Desert House and ongoing interests as “an attempt to update post-war conversations around the collapse of painting and architecture.” Tursack goes on to talk about the challenges and potentials of fellowships, as well as share his new interests and recent projects.

The Archinect blog “Fellow Fellows” was created by Anthony Morey, Executive Director at a + d museum and Design Faculty at University of Southern California.