Sirota Wins Architectural League Prize

Assistant Professor Anya Sirota has been awarded an 2018 Architectural League Prize. Akoaki, the firm she founded in 2008 with Jean Louis Farges, explores the role of architecture in urban regeneration through temporary installations that combine design and public programs. Recent Akoaki projects include Detroit Cultivator, a master plan for a six-acre urban farm; and Detroit Afrikan Funkestra, a design–build project for a nomadic opera stage set. Sirota was the recipient of an ACSA Faculty Design Award in 2016. Her work was exhibited at the 2017 Saint-Étienne International Design Biennale in Saint-Étienne, France.

The League Prize is an annual competition organized by The Architectural League since 1981. Open to designers ten years or less out of school, it draws entrants from around North America and seeks to recognize visionary work by young practitioners

The 2018 theme, Objective, asked entrants to consider objectivity today as simultaneously elevated and undermined, in an era in which technology, science, and post-truths coexist. How do we define or understand architecture in a post-truth world? The theme was developed by the 2018 Young Architects + Designers Committee, comprised of past League Prize winners including Neeraj Bhatia, Molly Hunker, and William O’Brien, Jr. The jury included the members of the 2018 Young Architects + Designers Committee in addition to Tatiana Bilbao, Jorge Otero-Pailos, Georgeen Theodore, and Claire Weisz.

Sirota adds to a robust list of current and former Taubman College faculty who have won the award since its inception in 1981 including: El Hadi  Jazairy (2017); Thomas Moran and Clark Thenhaus (2015); Adam Fure (2014); Andrew Holder (2014); Wesley McGee (2013); Catie Newell (2011); Geoff Thun and Kathy Velikov (2008); Craig Borum and Karl Daubmann (2006); Keith Mitnick and Mireille Roddier (2004); Steven Mankouche (2003); and Monica Ponce de Leon (1997). 

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