Abrons, Fure, Moran Participate in Princeton Low-resolution Houses Symposium, Exhibit

Assistant Professors of Architecture Ellie Abrons, Adam Fure, and Thomas Moran recently participated in the Low-resolution Houses Symposium at Princeton University School of Architecture, held as part of the school’s exhibition, “44 Low-resolution Houses.” A house designed by Abrons, Fure, and Moran’s architecture firm, T+E+A+M (with Assistant Professor of Architecture Meredith Miller), was part of the exhibit. The houses on display were designed with low-res elements, construction, or organization in mind and were decontextualized in the exhibition space. All 44 houses exhibited fell into one or more of the following categories of ‘Low-resolution’: first, houses that vaguely resemble houses, using familiar elements like pitched roofs, etc.; second, houses that appear to be constructed, in that one can see the construction, joints, and materials (there is a sort of cheap, unfinished quality to the work); and third, houses that are composed of basic geometric primitives-squares, circles, triangles-arranged in a non-compositional or abstract manner.

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